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Time is the difference between the past and the future and is recorded in our memories and hopes, it is the individual flow of moments. Time is also a marker that is defined by where we exist on Earth.  We all live in the same moments, but at different time within our own existence and it is the sharing of our difference that can create a global community. Time is the silent border between locality, yet all of us are connected by time. 


To prove this, cameras were sent to people all around the world:  London, Switzerland, South Africa, California, Australia and India. Each person was instructed to take a photograph every day at 12GMT, which means every photograph was taken at the same moment but at different times. 


Kisses not Stones explores the ideas of time by looking deeply into how fleeting moments make this world, not the things in it. Sharing these fleeting moments is what connects us and that is what creates co-operation. This project is trying to create an understanding of how time effects this world by sharing personal images and therefore stories. It is this sharing that helps us understand that there is diversity all around us, and understanding this is what helps to create acceptance; the realisation of global differences. 


The goal of these snapshots is to remind us that time is more than just a clock. Time is what connects us, what divides us. Time is life and death. Time is a community.



London : Lauren Tranter 

Switzerland : Rebecca Lüscher 

South Africa : Nics Hardman 

California : Thy Do 

Australia : Julia Louisea 

India : Aarushi Matiyani 

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