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Everybody dreams. Everybody has a fantasy. Everybody wishes their dream could come true. Dreams are magical.

I have always dreamed of going to a place far far away. As far as I possible could. A place where I could be free. Where I could be myself. A place where I belonged.


My dream is to get as far away from ‘home’ to find somewhere where I belong. This place is Dunedin, New Zealand, the furthest earthly place away. I imagine this place to be full of wonder and bliss. I wish it to be to breath of fresh air I so long for in my dreams.



Everybody dreams. But dreams don’t always belong in reality. What we wish for doesn’t always come true.

I have always dreamed of going far far away. The furthest place I could. Somewhere that I would belong.


My dream was Dunedin. This dream as I know it has a reality. A reality of normal life. I got to know Dunedin through people sharing their lives with me. Sending me photographs. I am left wondering if this is the fulfilment I was dreaming of.

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